Day 21 – it’s been a bumpy ride.

At the time I pressed “publish” on my first post I was feeling, hopeful, optimistic and determined. I was ready to tackle the world, one drink free day at a time. Then two days later we were placed in to an 8 day lockdown. This is where the fun begins.

I am social by nature, I love spending time with others, and when I have had enough I like to schedule my own alone time, but needs must. Working from home gave me a lot of time to sit with my thoughts, and there were many considering the nightmares started on Day 16.

I was fortunate enough to be able to use my commute time to get a head start on the spring cleaning, and tackle some household tasks that usually feel like chores, and it came to my attention that I am a hoarder. I’m not at the level that I need to be featured on a TV show, but I have things. Things that I have purchased for immediate use, but have ended up being slotted in to the ‘future me, healthier me, fancier me’ category.

Please bear in mind that these are not necessarily extravagant items, I am talking about essential oils, cute food containers, active wear (in my current size), and books. All things that, to me, make for a nice, comfortable, well scented life.

It was quite the kick in the shin coming to the realisation that I had been putting off using these things, things that I had worked hard to earn the money to buy, because I did not feel worthy. Can you imagine not feeling good enough to use a nice scented oil or food tub, and then feeling guilty when you remember how absurdly wasteful that is? So I’ve taken some steps in this past week to work through some of these blocks, and I have implemented them almost daily.

Before I embarked on this journey I had steadily been drinking more at the weekends, the cold weather and longer evenings tend to make me want to spend time in the pub. But this behaviour had knocked the morning routine that I had once appreciated and benefited from right on its butt.

So here it is in its glorious simplicity.

  1. Get up at 4am
  2. Light a scented candle, or citrusy essential oils in the diffuser
  3. Have my coffee
  4. Do some sort of exercise at home
  5. Have breakfast
  6. If I’m feeling in any way spiritual that day I will pull a card, journal
  7. Pack my lunch
  8. Leave for work – then I can check my socials on the train.

I’ve been doing it for 9 days now (apart from steps 7 and 8 – that comes tomorrow) and I am starting to feel somewhat in control of my life again. I think that it may even have helped with the nightmares.

Routine is my new best friend, I still haven’t had a drink, this could work.

Thanks for reading!